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Heck yeah: Peepers, peepers.

Rain + warmth = Pseudacris crucifer. The spring pepper. Spring? Seriously? Appearing for one night only at a backyard pond in Tennessee. Tomorrow: the freeze returns. They are calling at an ear-ringing 85+ decibels. These frogs are so loud that … Continue reading

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Dead wood and the woodpecker’s g-force

About fifteen years ago, the local electrical company hired a crew of subcontractors to cut and trim any trees that were deemed a threat to powerlines. The crew gave the sugar maple in our front garden a lop-sided haircut, slicing … Continue reading

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Crash, hop. Inscriptions on flakes.

  The motions of a landing, wing-folding, strutting, tip-toeing, recorded on an icy pond. Most likely a sparrow. Snow scribing. Here are the plants at work, from last year.

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Hospital bacteria: in my blood, in my IV.

I recently had a run-in with some bacterial cousins, courtesy of a small post-surgical wound. The bacteria were winning, so I spent a few days in the hospital where attentive medical staff mainlined antibiotics into my arm. The treatment worked, … Continue reading

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What is a “seahawk” anyway?

A sports team of ambiguous nomenclature and symbolism takes the field today. The seahawk logo matches the appearance of no Seattle bird that I know of. The logo design itself appears not to be a hawk, but an eagle, a … Continue reading

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Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge, TN

Tens of thousands of cranes gather at Hiwassee. Gruuu gruuu: sound resonates within the trachea coiled within their sternum. Horn section of the avian band. An ancient sound; Sandhill Cranes have flown across North America for at least ten million … Continue reading

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Je suis Charlie?

Charlie Hebdo is back in circulation. But freedom of expression is of course massively restricted in many parts of the world. Je suis Charlie? Unfortunately the answer is too often, no. For a couple of practical steps that you can … Continue reading

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Christmas’ long strange trip to oil towns in the Amazon

A Christmas nativity scene in Coca, Ecuador. Coca is a rough, booming oil town on the edge of the Amazon, one of the hubs of the rapidly expanding oil and mineral extraction industry in the region. Coca sits almost exactly … Continue reading

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The dancing oysters of Hiroshima’s market

These oysters were harvested in the Seto Sea off the coast of Hiroshima. This sea has thousands of bamboo rafts floating on its surface, each raft home to huge colonies of oysters dangling from ropes in the water below. The … Continue reading

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The city of Jericho is most famous for the unkind things that Joshua is reputed to have done to Jericho’s populace after God gave him the nod to move in. But Jericho’s history is far more complicated than the Biblical … Continue reading

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