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Pollinators, come get it

Shakerag Hollow continues its tumble through spring. The earliest blossoms are gone and fruits are fattening in their place. So goes the bloom of youth. The later flowers have now stepped forward and are waving for all they’re worth at … Continue reading

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Bluebell Island…some botanical treasures

The South Cumberland Regional Land Trust trip to Bluebell Island today was a great success. The bluebells are just opening up. A few are in full bloom. The next week promises a fine display. Some favorite species: Two rare dwarf … Continue reading

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Begone umbral winter

The spring equinox has passed, so light has the upper hand now. Darkness creeps away. The plants in Shakerag Hollow know this and are starting to crack out of their winter shells.

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Toads, Saint Patrick, and biogeography

Warm the soil, add an inch or two of rain. The result: toads. Defrosted and ready to grasp springtime’s possibilities. As I write, I hear one trilling in the pond outside. Hopefully the next weeks will bring dozens more. Toad … Continue reading

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Spring is harbinged

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Snow graphemes, scribed by plants

Fallen leaves and fruits etch the snow when caught by the wind, leaving inscrutable messages. Tree roots do the same as they carve up through asphalt. The last few weeks have provided ample opportunity to read these signs. These snow … Continue reading

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Graupel into beech

Yesterday, on the leading edge of the snow storm, rain turned icy, pelting the woods with interesting nouns-that-should-be-verbs: rime and graupel. This bombardment made for delicious sounds, and not just on the human tongue. Here is the percussive beat of … Continue reading

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Florissant fossils

One of the many pleasures of my visit to Yale last month was a visit to the collections of the Yale Peabody Museum. Among its treasures, the museum holds many of the fossils that were collected in the early 1900s … Continue reading

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The Forest Unseen audiobook from Tantor

Unseen it may be, but it will not now be unheard. Tantor Audio has just published an audio edition of The Forest Unseen, narrated by Michael Healy. I have not yet listened to the whole reading, but the parts that … Continue reading

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I’m in northwestern Ontario, paying a visit to some long-buried ancestors. As a bonus, I get to experience some chilly weather Here’s what happens to a waterfall in a chilly breeze at -25 (-13 Fahrenheit): All this is very impressive, … Continue reading

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